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Streamline Your Business

We offer consulting services for the optimization of business processes, implementation of ERP systems, as well as improvement and change management.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

  • We offer consulting services for streamlining business processes, improvement projects, and change management.
  • We assist companies throughout the process of:
    • Implementing a new ERP system
    • Upgrading existing ERP systems
    • Integrating ERP systems with other systems
  • We are with you every step of the way, from feasibility studies, budgeting, and planning to solution proposals, implementation, and completion.
  • By choosing xperitus, you gain access to consultants with over 25 years of experience.
  • We use efficient project management tools from Oracle to ensure smooth processes."
Based on your unique business processes, xperitus focuses on creating added value for you as a customer. Many of our consultants have over 25 years of industry-specific experience in a wide range of services – from ERP system implementation to training and development. By hiring us, you gain access to the expertise that can be crucial to achieving the goals of your project. Explore all our services below or book a free consultation where we evaluate your opportunities and needs.
Our consultants have extensive experience in various service areas, from project management and implementation or upgrading of ERP systems to improvement and change projects.
We offer effective solutions within Oracle's ERP systems JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and NetSuite. We also provide consulting services for other systems, including warehouse and distribution systems and CRM. We have extensive experience in several programming languages and integration solutions with other systems. Additionally, we offer services in other technical areas within IT, such as databases, platforms, operating systems, networks, and more.
Explore all our services! Book a consultation today, where we evaluate your needs and possibilities.
Implementation and Deployment of ERP Systems

Implementation and Deployment of ERP Systems

We offer all types of functional consultation concerning Oracle’s ERP systems JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle NetSuite ERP. By hiring us, you gain access to expertise that can be crucial to achieving the goals of your project.

To succeed in implementing the ERP system, we follow a well-proven plan that includes analysis and planning, design, development, testing, deployment, support, training, and upgrades. Since each company has its unique needs and goals, the phases may vary and overlap with each other.

Project Management Consultants

To maintain competitiveness and efficiency, it is necessary to constantly change and improve business processes. Our consultants specialize in understanding and enhancing customers' business processes. This, combined with extensive experience in ERP systems, has proven to be one of the key factors for a successful implementation. 

By engaging with us, you gain access to the expertise that can be crucial in achieving the goals of your project.

Project Management Consultants
ERP System Support

ERP System Support

Our support team is available to quickly and efficiently help you resolve your support cases. We have extensive experience in providing support to our customers in both Swedish and English, as well as in various types of cases.

When you engage xperitus, we offer a simple and transparent support process where, through email and/or a customer portal, you are always updated with the latest status of your cases. You also have full control over costs through our approval process for service or other cases that require action. As a case management system, we use Oracle NetSuite CRM, where case management is a standard feature.



Implementation of ERP Systems

We provide all types of functional consulting concerning Oracle's ERP Systems JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle NetSuite ERP.

Project Management Consultants

Our experienced consultants help you through the full process of implementing your new ERP system or upgrading an existing system.

ERP System Support

For clients using Oracle JD Edwards or Oracle NetSuite ERP, we offer an accessible and clear support process in either Swedish or English.

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