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NetSuite for Manufacturing Companies

NetSuite's manufacturing module helps manufacturing operations to develop, manufacture, and distribute products in a cost-effective way. The manufacturing module is an integrated part of planning the entire supply chain.

Industry-Specific Functionality for Various Manufacturing Processes

With NetSuite, you gain a plethora of features to streamline and automate processes, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Oracle NetSuite ERP is an integrated cloud-based ERP system, designed to streamline and optimize processes for manufacturing companies. NetSuite eliminates the need for multiple disparate systems by offering a unified platform supporting business, manufacturing processes, and supply chains.
NetSuite’s manufacturing module aids production operations in developing, manufacturing, and distributing products cost-effectively. This module contributes to increased process productivity while optimizing resource utilization to ensure customer satisfaction and expectations in terms of price, quality, and delivery.
NetSuite provides industry-specific functionality for various manufacturing processes, suitable for companies of all sizes.
xperitus consultants bring a wealth of industry knowledge in manufacturing, combined with extensive experience in ERP systems. This synergy has proven to be a critical factor in the successful implementation of ERP solutions.

ERP for Manufacturing

The manufacturing module is an integrated part of planning your entire supply chain. It assists in scenarios involving resource and machinery availability, planned production, material access, and adjustments to production in case of delivery disruptions or demand surges. Fully integrated real-time reporting of the production process also provides complete control of inventory, customer orders, and financial processes, contributing to cost reduction and increased revenues.
NetSuite for Manufacturing Companies
ERP for the Manufacturing industry

NetSuite is designed to scale with your company, supporting growth and evolving business needs over time. With flexible standard tools, you can customize the system and create integrations with other systems, ensuring support for all business processes. With NetSuite, you gain numerous functions to streamline and automate processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Modules Tailored for Manufacturing Companies:

Finance and Reporting: Managed in real-time through NetSuite. Handles bank payments and account reconciliations via files, and includes tools for invoice scanning. Asset registers and group accounting, including consolidation and management of foreign subsidiaries with different currencies, are also integrated.

Procurement: Manages your supplier relationships and contracts. Automate and streamline your purchasing processes while maintaining control and cost analysis capability. Real-time tracking of open orders and delays in supplier follow-up gives you complete control of your purchasing process.

MRP Material and Production Planning: Ensures that the right materials are available in the right quantity at the right time to manufacture products according to order requirements. Graphical drag n' drop application for capacity planning.

Manufacturing: Supports order-based, batchless, or outsourced manufacturing. Report production data in real-time in a user-friendly interface with barcode scanning support. Create operation lists with clear work instructions in both text and image.

WMS Warehouse and Logistics: The warehouse management module complements the features in inventory and order management modules. Increases customer satisfaction as more customers receive the right goods on time and in the desired condition. Supports traceability requirements such as batch/serial numbers and best-before dates. With the WMS module, all warehouse processes are managed mobilely via barcode scanning, optimizing and securing the warehouse process in real time and minimizing errors.

QMS Quality Control: Defines and maintains inspection plans and manages quality control processes efficiently. Check finished product or in operation. Perform quality controls mobilely on your tablet and use its camera to document deviations.

Customer Order Management: Optimizes inventory management, reduces shipping costs, and improves customer experience with automated processes and real-time information.

CRM and Marketing: Manages the entire customer lifecycle with an integrated solution for CRM, marketing, and customer support.


Key Features

Financial Management
  • Real-time accounting
  • Real-time reporting (income statement, balance sheet, inventory valuation, etc.)
  • Reporting with ’as-of’ functionality
  • Bank payments via file
  • Account reconciliation via file
  • Invoice scanning
  • Fixed Assets
  • Global accounting, consolidation, foreign subsidiaries with different currencies
  • Reorder point
  • Purchase to order (PTO)
  • Inbound (incoming) container management (consolidation of purchase orders)
  • Quote management
  • Contract management
  • Blanket (call-off) orders
  • Return to supplier
  • Global supplier Master (multi-subsidiary)
  • Intercompany transactions
MRP – Material and Production Planning
  • Forecast management
  • Net material requirements planning (MRP, DRP)
  • Production planning (MPS)
  • Creation of purchase orders, production orders, internal transfer orders
  • Order suggestions considering lead times, batch rules, ordering criteria, etc.
  • Make to stock, Make to Order,
  • Outsourced, or order less manufacturing
  • Material reservation
  • Real-time and historical (as-of) reporting of work in progress (WIP)
  • Actual manufacturing cost reporting
  • Mobile app for real-time production reporting
  • Graphical production planning
  • Work instructions
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) change management (ECO)
  • Serial number/lot number traceability
Inventory & WMS
  • Global Item Master
  • Warehouse locations
  • Serial number/lot number traceability
  • Inventory Count with mobile app and barcode scanning
  • Warehouse optimization (zones, many storage locations, logical/physical locations)
  • Mobile handheld solution to support paperless processing and with barcode scanning capability one simplifies, automates, and increase warehouse process accuracy
  • Optimized goods receipt, pick-pack-ship and pick to production processes 
    Automated wave release of customer orders for picking
QMS – Quality Management
  • Supports quality control in receiving, shipment, manufacturing, and warehouse processes
  • Mobile tablet interface with camera functionality
  • Printing of CoA – Certificate of Analysis

Order Management 
  • Flexible pricing with discount and campaign management
  • Allocate against stock or supply order (purchase, manufacturing, transfer)
  • Allocate part of stock for sales channel/customer group, or with margin optimization
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Service and warranty management
  • Return management
  • Global customer Master (multi-subsidiary)
  • Intercompany transactions
CRM and Marketing
  • Always included in NetSuite – no separate license needed.
  • Sales: Lead to customer, quote management, activities (to-do’s, meetings, calls), calendar
  • Marketing: Campaign, subscription management, newsletters, online forms
  • Support: Cases via email or online forms, automatic assignment, escalation functionality, time tracking

Key Benefits


Enhanced Service

Industry-leading management of customer relations improves the business’ overall service management.

Simplified Planning

Adaptable applications facilitate and improve the planning of financial goals.

Valuable Insights

Integrated business intelligence that gives manufacturing companies increased and valuable insight into the business operations.



Internet-of-things allows services, employees and processes to interact with each other seamlessly.

Reduced Costs

Streamline the entire manufacturing process and spend less time on administration.

Increased Quality

Reduce errors in all business operations.

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