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Financial Services

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle NetSuite ERP provide seamless control over your organization's entire structure. The ERP systems streamline daily operations and enhance operational control through integrated and automated functions.

Ensure Financial Strength and Growth

Equip the organization with tools for planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Both JD Edwards EnterpriseOne’s and Oracle NetSuite ERP’s financial system solutions offer seamless control over the entire corporate structure regardless of geographical location. This provides good insight into all parts of the organization. The systems are prepared to meet existing and new international regulations and requirements. These are continuously updated and provided either manually or automatically through the cloud.
A financial system with integrated and automated functions streamlines the daily work considerably and increases the user’s operational control. Employees are allowed to spend more time and focus on value-creating tasks.

Key Benefits



Two of the world’s foremost and most comprehensive ERP systems for financial management.

Enables Growth

Equip the organization with tools for planning, budgeting and forecasting to ensure financial strength and growth.

Effective Management

Manage all business units, factories and distribution facilities within one single system.



Avoid mistakes and save time by automating revenue and expense reporting.

Full Control

Insights into business processes and powerful analysis tools enable efficient risk management and monitoring.

Increased Flexibility

Improve the organization’s ability to adapt to new customer requirements and changing markets.

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