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NetSuite for Project-Based Operations

With NetSuite's comprehensive solution, your organization receives tools for operational planning of daily activities.

Automate, Overview and Improve

Get a full overview over the business via the cloud – wherever you are.

Oracle NetSuite ERP is the first cloud solution to offer full ERP functionality along with automated features for companies with project-driven operations. Professional Service Automation (PSA) and Service Resource Planning (SRP) complement with very strong tools for planning of daily operations.
Oracle NetSuite ERP’s solutions are suitable for organizations with everything from just a few people to tens of thousands of users. Since Oracle NetSuite ERP is a completely cloud-based system users can, whether they are at a client’s office, in the car or in a meeting, easily access the internal ERP system via a browser anywhere in the world.

Key Benefits


Improved Profitability

Automate, overview and improve profitability with Oracle NetSuite ERP’s cloud-based PSA system.

Real-time Reporting

Visualize and control every project in real-time, from quotation to implementation and invoicing.

Full Overview

Full overview of the business operations directly in the cloud, accessible from several different platforms.


Simplified Planning

Allocate the right resources to the right project at the right time by optimizing the resource utilization and scheduling.

High Availability

Share important documents and experiences with the entire organization.


Integrated functions for automated time and cost reporting.

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