Mobile & Profitable Barcoding Solutions

Pick, package, deliver — all in one with RF-SMART’s mobile solutions.

RF-SMART has developed mobile barcoding solutions for Oracle JD Edwards for more than 20 years and is, primarily for NetSuite users, a well-known and leading solution in the warehousing and manufacturing industry.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner and a NetSuite Partner, RF-SMART is an industry-leading and proven solution that meets every expectation of a mobile barcoding product. The application is created for maximum conformability with the respective ERP platforms from Oracle.

Key Benefits

RF-SMART for JD Edwards

Manufacturing Data Collection

Use barcodes and EnterpriseOne-specific workflows to greatly improve accuracy, productivity and overview of the entire manufacturing process.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Looking for better ways to manage your warehouse operations? Oracle JD Edwards is a robust ERP system with various modules to meet your business needs. With RF-SMART you maximize the capability of the system’s warehousing and logistics functions.

Warehouse & Logistics Data Collection

Utilize barcodes and EnterpriseOne-specific workflows to greatly improve the accuracy, productivity and overview of your distributors around the world.

Packing Stations

Are you looking for a cost-effective packing solution whose integration with your business system is validated by Oracle? Then RF-SMART’s packing station is the solution for you.

Productivity Control

Using software to measure workforce efficiency is a very useful tool for analyzing and managing productivity as well as seeing the impact of workforce investments.

Cloud Solution

RF-SMART’s long experience allows its team and network of partners to deliver a level of quality, performance and value creation that is of the highest standard for JD Edward’s mobile solutions. It also includes the latest addition of RF-SMART’s cloud solution.

RF-SMART for NetSuite


Make use of the benefits of real-time overview of each facility’s operations. Manage orders faster and more accurately and gain full control of your inventory levels.

Manufacturing & Inventory Management

Experience the benefits of real-time overview of operations. Increase productivity and reduce the margin of error at the same time. Keep track of where components are located during the manufacturing process and after assembly.

Retail Inventory Management

Streamline the transfer of products between warehouses and stores while also making sure that stock balances are accurate and visible to your organization and its customers. Give your colleagues the right tools to do the best job possible.

Warehouse Management System

Obtain a real-time overview of warehousing operations and act as soon as a need emerges. Track productivity for both machines and employees and optimize operations to handle orders faster and more accurately.

Manufacturing With WMS

Follow both the manufacturing process and the warehouse operations in real-time. With increased overview, both improved productivity and quality can be achieved in a cost-effective way.

Packing & Shipping

Avoid making shipments with incorrect items or quantities. Pack both faster and more accurately while at the same time increasing the traceability of what has been packed where and by whom.


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