Three things to keep in mind when implementing a new ERP system

Three things to keep in mind when implementing a new ERP system

When changing ERP systems, you need to be both careful and thoughtful, regardless of which industry your company is in. After the thorough work of choosing the right system, the challenge of implementing the new system awaits. With the right planning, structure and teamwork, you will have implemented your new system efficiently and in a controlled manner. We at xperitus provide three important things to keep in mind when implementing a new ERP system.

Strong leadership

Changes that occur during system changes or the addition of a new system can, to begin with, create uncertainty and confusion among employees. Therefore, the management team must express both confidence and understanding of the current situation. It is of great importance that the management communicates what functions the new business system will fulfill and why the business has chosen to make the investment. The management needs to take command of the new situation and lead the way for all employees who in one way or another will be affected by the implementation.

Involve employees

Our second tip is to involve the right people in the implementation process – with strong teamwork you will go a long way. Select a project group with employees who have good knowledge of the various parts of the business and who are willing to coach other employees.Take all different competencies and different points of views into account in order to achieve the best possible results during implementation. It may mean that you need to involve people who work with anything from sales and customer support, to logistics or finance. We recommend that you choose employees who either have previous experience of changing ERP systems, or are involved in the company’s development processes.

Make demands

Our last tip is of great importance in the implementation process – dare to make demands on both your system and your supplier. You have made a big and wise decision to invest in a new ERP system for your company, therefore it is of great importance that your new system meets your expectations. At xperitus, we offer comprehensive and reliable services that have led to long-term customer relationships. Read more about how we work at xperitus.

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