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How a PSA system supports project oriented businesses

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How a PSA system supports project oriented businesses

Today, running business processes with the help of smart softwares and technique is the norm rather than an exception. Many of today's ERP systems were created in a time where most sales were physical products. As companies more often offer their competence in service oriented businesses, the importance of suitable systems for process management has increased. Therefore Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems are becoming more frequent within project organisations with consultant and service operations. In this blogpost, we at xperitus will explain how having a good PSA system will support your project organisation.

A PSA system makes collaboration easier

Well developed PSA systems are meant to support and optimize the project management throughout the whole project – from the first signature to the final billing of services. A PSA system opens up to more transparent and efficient collaborations as all units will get access to the same information in the process. Changes within the project can be communicated efficiently and do not risk getting lost along the way through the organization. Project members can view the project's development in real time and act early on critical changes to avoid costly steps in the wrong direction. Most systems today are cloud based so that all members can collaborate efficiently no matter where they are in the world.

Plan efficiently with the right project support

The project leader's planning of resources and time consumption can be complex – but with the right PSA system the project leader will get a good view over available resources and the planning process can be made easier. With easy time registration the system can give an overall picture over the occupation per individual as well as the whole group, minimizing the risks of resources being overbooked or multiple projects overlapping each other.

Data driven decisions with Netsuite's PSA system

At xperitus we have years of experience with different systems for business processes, so we know that you can take your project management and decision making to a higher level with the help of Netsuite's ERP system with PSA integration. With the data that the system presents in real time, management and decision makers will have a stable ground and do not have to rely on their gut feeling when making decisions. Reports in the system also identify sales patterns, trends and possible risks, for example overbooked resources.

Feel free to contact us at xperitus for more information about ERP systems and how we can help your business.