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What requirements should we place on our new ERP system?

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What requirements should we place on our new ERP system?

When your company is going to invest in a new ERP system, it is important that you review your needs in the very first stage, identify any problems and prioritise which functions and services that are important for your business. Changing ERP systems is a large process and that is why it is an advantage to be well prepared before making important decisions and starting a change. Even companies that are going to integrate their first ERP system should go through important needs and possible bottlenecks at an early stage of the process.

Flexible and scalable ERP system

Since many ERP systems today are scalable cloud solutions, your business can set demands and have expectations for solutions that suit your organisation. It is about identifying your own organisation's challenges in order to know what requirements you should be able to place on your new ERP system. What within the business takes more time than you have room for? What kind of tasks slow you down? But it is extremely important to convey the requirements and expectations you have to the ERP system supplier – only then your ERP system will be tailored for your company.

Streamlining – time-saving and financially profitable

Are you looking for automatic handling that eliminates the manual document handling that occurs? Do you need tools to be able to analyse, manage and identify problems, warehousing, transport and orders? Do you need mobile and smart solutions or automatic financial management within your business? It is precisely this type of functionality that you can demand for your business and that you can expect from a cloud-based ERP system. An ERP system that is adapted to your specific needs will help you to make your work more efficient – it is both time-saving and financially profitable. With the help of an ERP system that is adapted to you, you can focus on what you do best.

Which ERP system should you choose?

ERP systems are there to facilitate and streamline work within organisations – and that is exactly what you should be able to expect. NetSuite is today the world leader in public and cloud-based ERP systems and has the industry-leading interface (UI) that is developed with the end user in focus. Netsuite comes with built-in business intelligence (BI) with hundreds of built-in BI components.

At xperitus we have long and solid experience in the industry. Book a free consultation with us and our consults and we will tell you more about how you can get a flexible and scalable ERP system that is adapted to your business.