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Business Intelligence - Why and what for?

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Business Intelligence - Why and what for?

Business intelligence (BI) is a commonly used term, but what is it and why use it? In this blog post, we at xperitus give a clear picture of what Business Intelligence really is and how your company can promote growth with the help of smart BI components in your enterprise resource planning system.

What is BI?

Simply explained, BI or Business intelligence is used to collect and structure internal and external data from various systems. A BI tool or software prepares data for analysis, the next step is then to use the data that is relevant to develop the business further.

Expand with BI

Brief financial statements, easily accessible reports and more efficient analyzes are some of the many possibilities that have opened up, thanks to BI solutions. Common to virtually all companies is the need and willingness to work more efficiently and smarter. With the help of supportive systems for business intelligence, you create the opportunity to make faster and more legitimate business decisions. With integrated BI components in your business system, you can work more proactively with more concrete facts as a foundation and also forecast growth in different business areas and scenarios.

BI in symbiosis with other systems

To simplify, BI is the central connection point between information and data from different systems. With a functional BI tool, you can integrate data and reports from different business processes and departments and thus get a holistic perspective across the business. A clear overview of entire businesses in combination with the opportunity to deep dive into specific areas opens many possibilities to valuable efficiencies of the company's processes.

Business intelligence with NetSuite

We at xperitus are experts in NetSuite which is a world-leading business system in public and cloud-based systems. NetSuite is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that includes hundreds of built-in BI components such as KPIs, reports and conditional reminders - all in real time from a single database.

Read more about NetSuite.

Take the next digitised leap

We at xperitus are experts in business systems. We always strive to create added values by working on the basis of our customers' business processes.

Welcome to contact us to learn more about our business systems and how we can help your company to take the next step in your digital development.