Cloud-based ERP system — what and why?

Cloud-based ERP system — what and why?

Companies that are about to choose their ERP system have a lot to think about and many questions to ask themselves. A fundamental question to answer is whether the ERP system should be cloud-based or not. Having an ERP system that is cloud-based has proven to be an increasingly popular trend. In this post we will list key benefits of a cloud-based ERP system that can be good to include in the calculations when choosing a system.

Easy access 

A cloud-based ERP system allows for high availability for the user, since the user can always access the software via the Internet, no matter the time or place. This reduces the risk of downtime. We at xperitus offer the cloud-based integrated ERP system NetSuite which, independently of which browser is being used, has an SLA of 99.5% availability. NetSuite is today a world leader in public and cloud-based ERP systems. Read more about Netsuite’s ERP systems here.

Swift installation and implementation

In today’s business climate, it is important for companies to take advantage of new markets and unexpected innovations. For that reason, it is necessary to be adaptable and implement new functions, processes and systems quickly. A cloud-based ERP system is continuously updated by the supplier and always has the latest functionality. The license for the NetSuite ERP system includes two automatic updates per year.

Optimized Business Intelligence (BI) 

Companies use business intelligence (BI), to gain better insight and understanding of their business processes. BI is a summary of the techniques, methods and processes used to facilitate a more informed decision-making process based on large amounts of data. A cloud-based ERP system provides great opportunities for companies to optimize BI, by making it easier to access and process all of their useful data. Analyzing operations enhances the ability to maintain quality and identify opportunities for improvements.


An ERP system is only effective if it is reliable and secure. Having a cloud-based solution has traditionally been perceived as less safe. But the advancements made in the are of security in cloud-based ERP systems has changed that. Today it is considered the absolute safest option. The license agreement for a cloud-based system includes data security via the supplier.

May your company be in need of a cloud-based ERP system? Or do you wish to know more? We at xperitus are experts in ERP systems. Welcome to contact us to know more about us and how we can help your company.

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