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Wholesale & Distribution

xperitus helps companies in wholesale and distribution find the perfect ERP system. Both JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle NetSuite offer industry-specific functionality for distributors.

Adapt to the Global Digitalization

Streamline inventory with in-depth parameters and monitoring tools.

Business functions related to distribution and warehousing have traditionally had a major focus on isolated cost cutting. However, the market of today and the future are characterized by more and more complex challenges linked to competition, digitalization and rapidly increasing demands from customers.
Both JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Oracle NetSuite ERP’s wholesale and distribution solution offers a number of features that enhances organizations’ abilities to handle these challenges. The services are packaged in modern solutions, which provide cost-effective ownership.

Key Benefits


Cost Efficient

Improved margins as a result of increased efficiency thanks to in-depth parameters and monitoring tools.

Full Overview

A shared and comprehensive support register with a complete overview of each customer, supplier and employee.


Connect and prepare every part of the business for future sales in different channels.


Improved Logistics

Increased punctuality at each delivery — exceed customer expectations while reducing delivery costs at the same time.

Future Proofed

Adapts the business to continued global digitalization and enables quick adaptation to changing customer needs.


Scalable for all locations and national regulations.

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