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Customer Relationship Management

360° Customer View

Increase transparency and get a full picture of the customer relationship with a CRM solution.

With Oracle NetSuite ERP you get a complete CRM solution which both support your sellers and lets your marketing department manage campaigns and newsletters directly from Oracle NetSuite ERP via e-mail. If you need enhanced customer support in the form of case management, this is also included. With this comprehensive solution, your organization gets a CRM tool that ensures customer satisfaction, increases new sales and facilitates your marketing efforts.
xperitus offer consultants with broad knowledge and experience in implementing CRM solutions for companies in different industries. This, combined with long experience from ERP systems, has proven to be one of the most important factors for a successful ERP implementation.

Key Benefits


Increased Transparency

Increases transparency and gives a full picture of the customer relationship.

Full Control

Provides full control over sales and marketing activities.

Smooth Case Management

Case management integrated with the sales process.


Integrated Solution

Available as an integration of the ERP system or as a separate solution.

Global Solution

A global solution with local support.

Enhanced Cooperation

Customer and partner portals enhances collaboration.

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