xperitus – a trusted partner

xperitus was founded in 2008 by five experienced consultants who recognized a gap in the market for a customer-centric approach to understanding and meeting client needs. They saw the need for a player who truly wanted to understand the customer’s needs and act as the customer’s inside partner.

Joakim Boström, CEO and one of the founders, who at that time worked with business
processes and the implementation of ERP systems at large multinational manufacturing
companies, explaines:

– The companies we consulted with had many different IT providers, all of whom essentially
instructed customers to submit a requirements specification.

– We reasoned there had to be a market for someone who sat down with the customer to
understand the complexity of their reality; logistically, economically, and in terms of follow-
up. And that’s the reason why we started xperitus, Joakim tells.

xperitus continues to specialize in business processes and has grown by approximately 17%
per year and now has nearly 30 consultants. So far, Oracle’s ERP system, JD Edwards, has
accounted for most of the revenue and a great share of all JD Edwards consultants in
Sweden work for xperitus. Oracle NetSuite is xperitus’ new significant growth area, and here,
they anticipate strong growth in the coming years.

– So far, we have not actively focused on sales, but rather grown organically by doing a
much-appreciated work for our customers, says Joakim.

xperitus creates customer value through the efficient use of ERP systems

xperitus aims to be the market-leading provider of services for Oracle’s ERP systems in the
Nordic market. Today, xperitus specializes in all types of services and integrations related to
the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and NetSuite ERP systems.

– We create customer value by working based on our customers’ business processes using
the system’s standard functions, says Mikael Andersson, Operations Manager for JD Edwards
at xperitus.

– Our industry expertise, together with Oracle’s products, becomes a very powerful tool
during the implementation or upgrade of business systems, says Mikael and continues:
In this way, we combine our competence and experience with the customer’s needs,
creating long-lasting relationships with continuity in our deliveries.

Mikael Andersson, Operations Manager for JD Edwards at xperitus

Oracle NetSuite and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Two powerful ERP systems

In the Oracle portfolio, xperitus offers two different ERP systems that address various
business needs. Oracle NetSuite, currently one of the fastest-growing cloud-based ERP
systems on the market, provides companies with flexibility and scalability in their business
processes. On the other hand, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers a robust and highly
customizable solution that can be used in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid solution.
This system is particularly popular among companies with complex business processes
operating in competitive markets.

Over the years, xperitus has completed numerous implementations of JD Edwards
EnterpriseOne and Oracle NetSuite. xperitus assists customers not only with system issues
but also significantly with their process and business development. Additionally, xperitus
helps companies in the selection of ERP systems. xperitus also offers all types of
development services for these systems. As experts in JD Edwards and NetSuite, xperitus can
assist companies in implementing, configuring, and optimizing the systems. xperitus
consultants also have extensive experience in integrating with other systems, where they develop solutions tailored to the customer’s unique needs through digitization, automation,
and orchestration.

For customers using either the NetSuite or JD Edwards ERP systems, xperitus also provides
training and support, as well as proactive support where xperitus recommends
improvements and actions before issues arise.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

JD Edwards is an integrated ERP system with extensive functionality that supports a wide
range of business processes.

It includes more than 80 modules designed to help businesses streamline their operations,
improve efficiency, and reduce costs. The modules are tightly integrated, allowing
businesses to manage their operations seamlessly from one platform, as well as providing
comprehensive insights for better informed decisions and managing of resources.

JD Edwards is flexible and can be seamlessly integrated with other systems and databases
used internally or by suppliers, customers, and partners. xperitus assists companies with
integration to achieve efficient data flow between applications and programs through a
customized interface tailored to the customer’s business.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers competitive solutions primarily for the manufacturing
industry, wholesalers/distributors, and construction and engineering companies. The system
is adaptable to the customer’s choice of database, operating system, and hardware – a
unique advantage.

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NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP-system that is a part of the Oracle family of applications. It is
utilized by businesses of all sizes across various industries, including manufacturing, retail,
wholesale distribution, and professional services. By being built from the ground up as a
cloud-based ERP system, it achieves a subscription-based ownership model with high cost-
effectiveness and availability.

NetSuite offers a suite of modules that cover everything from financial management to sales
and customer relationship management (CRM), inventory and order management,
manufacturing, logistics, procurement, HR, and project management.

The different modules in NetSuite help businesses streamline their processes and reduce
their costs. The system also provides excellent visibility into operations, making it easier to
make informed decisions and efficiently manage resources.

The modules are fully integrated, allowing businesses to manage their operations seamlessly
from one platform. Additionally, NetSuite offers customization options and integrations with
third-party applications to further enhance its functionality.

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xperitus Project Management – Helping Companies Take Control of Projects and Processes

As a third business segment, alongside NetSuite and JD Edwards, xperitus offers project
management services where xperitus is involved throughout the entire process, from
initiation and planning to execution and closure. xperitus project managers can be beneficial
for a variety of projects, including the implementation of a new business system, upgrading
and modifying existing systems, optimizing inventory and distribution systems, or the
introduction of customer relationship management (CRM). xperitus also specializes in
improvement and change management.

A project management assignment is platform-independent, and xperitus takes
responsibility for the entire project. This includes everything from feasibility studies,
budgeting, and planning to solution proposals, implementation, and closure.

By engaging xperitus project managers, you gain access to consultants with over 20 years of
industry-specific experience in areas such as improvement projects, upgrades, and change
management. In project management, xperitus utilizes effective project management tools
from Oracle.

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In summary

xperitus has filled a gap in the market by offering its customers more than just technical
solutions. With a focus on truly understanding their customers’ needs and processes,
xperitus has become a valued partner when it comes to Oracle NetSuite and Oracle JD
Edwards ERP systems, as well as Project Management. With an impressive growth trajectory,
ambitious goals, and a vision to continue creating value for its customers through the
effective use of ERP systems, xperitus looks very positively toward the future.

– We are passionate about understanding the customer’s business processes and then
translating them into system solutions that simplify, enhance, and optimize the utility of the
ERP system, concludes Joakim Boström.

At xperitus, we are experts in the ERP systems Oracle NetSuite and Oracle JD Edwards
. In addition to system implementation (which we have done in a large number
over the years), we act as a long-term partner to our customers and assist them with their
process and business development.