Three methods to motivate an investment in a new ERP system

Three methods to motivate an investment in a new ERP system

Have you identified your current ERP system as a time consumer? Even an ERP system that once was a powerful resource risks becoming static and outdated as the company moves forward. It is then time to upgrade to a system that is better suited for today’s needs and that will secure the company’s future growth. But how do you most effectively motivate a change of ERP systems to get everybody on board? In this blogpost, we at xperitus will highlight three methods for creating a well-founded material to motivate an investment of a new ERP system.

Highlight problems and find solutions

Defects in your ERP system that limits the business threatens the company’s competitiveness. Are there defects that also affect the results in a negative way, it is most likely an issue that will interest most decision makers. By first specifying the perceived problems with the current system it will be easier to present solutions based on actual challenges. Make sure all departments give their impression of what problems are experienced with the current system – it might be slow procedures with unnecessary work, ineffective store-keeping or a perception of lagging behind in what has become a new industry standard. Regardless, it is important to present what brings forth the motion of an investment in a new ERP system.

Calculate ROI for the new ERP system

The investment proposal must be well-founded from an economic standpoint in order to get the attention of the directorate and other decision makers. Clarify how an investment in a new ERP system will pay off and bring on savings by calculating the ROI – return on investment. Be precise when calculating costs, expected profits and savings, and the estimated revenue will be perceived as trustworthy.

Case studies

When all problems, solutions and costs are all out on the table, it is often evident that a change of ERP system is necessary for the company to remain competitive. With case studies from the system provider’s earlier customers the arguments can often be further strengthened – someone else have likely faced the same difficulties as you. Their experiences can be used as examples of solutions to your company’s challenges. 

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